How It All Began- 2007

It is about time. I travel quite a bit, and keep random journals and take photos but I have never kept it all in one place. Three summers and 17 countries later, I have made up my mind. My wonderful graduate advisor actually gave me this idea; she said I need to make a PowerPoint or something of the sort so that I have something to show people when they ask about my travels.

Now, I don’t claim to be a world traveler just yet. I know many people who have experienced so much more than me. Hopefully through this blog, I can keep track of my development as a global citizen and map my progress in traveling to the far corners of this planet. In sequential order, I have been to…

Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Peru, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Bulgaria (for an afternoon).

It all started a few years ago when I was a senior in high school. Two of my best friends, Chelsea and Marpessa (also two of the wildest girls I know) and I decided that the summer after senior year of high school, we were going to travel around Europe for a month. Marpessa worked as a hostess at a restaurant, Chelsea worked at a chocolate factory, and I worked in a nursing home for a year and we all saved up money for this trip. I guess we figured if it was our own money, our parents couldn’t say no.

It might seem completely batty to allow two seventeen year olds and an eighteen year old to hop a plane to Germany immediately after graduation, but luckily for us, Marpessa grew up in Holland. With this in mind, our parents oh-so-reluctantly gave us their blessings. With nothing but some cock-eyed optimism, three new backpacks, and Marpessa’s basic knowledge of Dutch, we were off.

Marpessa, Chelsea and I on the plane


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