This might seem like a random entry shoved in here, but yes, immediately after traveling around Central Europe, my mom and I flew down to Peru. We started off our trip by spending a few days in Lima and eventually took a bus ride from hell to Cusco. I realized the second we landed that this trip was going to be laughably cheap (quite like Albania in the next summer). We tipped a cab driver one dollar and he asked if we wanted change back.

Public restrooms on the roof of the Blue Market in Lima

My mom’s brother is a flight attendant who goes to Lima often, so he was able to show us a very cool side to Lima that I am guessing many tourists do not see. We went to a few flea markets, explored Miraflores (of course), and drank pisco sours.

My mom, uncle and me in the Blue Market-Lima

I got the chance to go paragliding over the Pacific Ocean off a cliff at the edge of Lima. Wow. At first I was afraid because the smog was so thick and there was a 200 pound Danish man strapped to my back, but once we were floating above the city I was totally at peace. Lima stretched out as far as my eye could see.

About to go paragliding in Lima

Hoping I wouldn't fall to my death

My mom and I visited Huaca Pucllana and got our first taste of Incan ruins. Our tour guide grew up playing soccer on a mound of dirt in the middle of the city, and only recently did they realize that this mound of dirt was actually the remains of an ancient complex, Huaca Pucclana. The restoration process is still happening today.

Huaca Pucllana in Lima

From Lima we took a bus to Cusco to go to Machu Picchu. The bus ride ended up taking about 8 hours longer than it was supposed to, and we had no extra food for this. When we arrived in Cusco my mom and I feasted, explored a little, and then booked a train ride for the following morning to Machu Picchu!

Center plaza in Cusco, Peru

Then that night, the sickness came. Dreaded food poisoning. It got so bad that I knew there was no way I could go to Machu Picchu. After a whole day feeling like I was going to die, I actually started to get worse so my mom bought plane tickets for us to go back to Lima. Once there, my uncle hooked us up with a very nice hotel room (my mom and I had been staying in cheap hostels.) A doctor came and saw me in the hotel room, and we decided that it had been three days and I was still getting worse, so the best thing to do would be to fly home. Sadly, our trip cut short, that is what we did. Luckily for my mom and I, my uncle the flight attendant, got us on the first flight back to Miami. I was sick for another three or four days when I got home, and ended up losing around ten pounds! Yes, I gained it all back.

Looks like I will have to return to Lima this summer…


  1. i heard all about it.. you poor thing i saw you when you guys got here at the house.. i am sure someday you'll be back there to peru to continue your adventure!!


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