Santorini: Paradise

This story starts months before I ever left for Athens. My mom and I had decided that we were going to meet up after I was done traveling with Chris, and we were sitting at home one night brainstorming places we could go when my mom had an epiphany. Her best friend from college, Christina, was Greek and had moved back to Athens after college. They hadn’t spoken in a decade. My mom had me search for her on facebook and there was one person in Athens with the same name. I sent her a very awkward message, something along the lines of.. “Hi, my mom is Wanda Day. I don’t know if you remember her or if you studied abroad in Florida and lived in Naples… but if this is you…”

It was her! She invited us to come stay in Athens with her, where she was a professor, and asked us to join her on the island of Santorini where she wanted to rent a cave villa for the three of us. I hadn’t seen her since I was about three years old. After I flew out of Sofia, I landed in the Athenian airport where my mom and Christina were waiting for me. Christina was immediately the most warm, friendly person and took us out to dinner on the tallest peak in Athens so we had a view of the whole city.

My mom and I in Athens

We stayed in her apartment for one night and then took a ferry boat to Santorini. Christina paid extra to bring her car on the boat so that we could drive around Santorini. Christina’s ex-boyfriend’s best friend owned a sushi restaurant in Oia on the island, which is where we went for dinner the first night. While we were home that night to our villa, my mom slipped and fell and guess what? Broke her foot.

My mom with her poor broken foot

Standing on the edge of the Caldera in Santorini

We ended up moving to a villa more central to Oia, actually right in the center of the Caldera, so that my mom could get around on crutches easier. The new villa was breathtaking, we had a private pool and terrace and it had a view of the sea and volcanoes and ships.

Cave villa where we stayed

The rest of the week was spent on relaxation and shopping. I bought books, a scarf, candies, and a poster for my room at home. The other big thing was food. We went down to Ammoudi two nights in a row for dinner. It is a small village built into the side of the volcano that is Santorini. Every night as the sunsets you have a front row view as you tear the flesh off fresh fish.

Ammoudi, a small town at the base of Santorini

Out with friends for dinner in Ammoudi

Christina drove me to Koloumbos beach, and we stopped at a vineyard on the way home. This was paradise. Chris and I barely tapped into the beauty of Santorini when we had gone the month before.

Private pool at the cave villa

Sadly, our week on the island ended and it was time for my mom and I to return home. I feel like I should add that the next time I saw my mom was when she visited me in Tallahassee I fell out of bed and broke my foot. Our track record is pretty solid in favor of someone getting hurt every time we see each other.


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