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Spring Break: Argentina

Things I miss about America when abroad:
A guarantee of decent toilets.
Big cups of coffee.
American style breakfast: hashbrowns, bacon, eggs, etc.
…that’s it.

I spent spring break in Argentina. I met Chris in the Buenos Aires Airport after some confusion with the terminals and we were off to Palermo, the neighborhood that our hostel was in. Right away I noticed what a green city Buenos Aires is, especially in the Palermo parks:

Park in Palermo

Park in Recoleta
We took a walk down to the Boca area to see if there were any football tickets. Although there weren’t, we still got to see quite a show. Not quite a riot, but bottles flying as the fans clashed with the police who just kind of stood there waving their big sticks. I do not quite understand how throwing glass bottles and defacing your city equates to love of a football team, but I guess I am just not as passionate as these fans.

I feel I should mention the food. We went to a coastal city, Mar del Plata, for a few days and ended up…