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Travel Countdown

I am leaving in three weeks for Peru! It seems my life has two distinct phases now: traveling, or anticipating traveling. Nothing in between.

Plans as of now are to meet Chris in Lima in the beginning of May, spend some time traveling around Peru and seeing things that I missed out on last summer due to food poisoning (Machu Picchu, Iquitos, Lake Titicaca, etc.). On May 31 I am meeting Marpessa in Quito, Ecuador, and we are volunteer teaching for 6 weeks. We don’t have an exact assignment yet but we will be living with a local family and taking Spanish lessons in the afternoon. I have to be fluent after this summer or I will be so disappointed in myself!

Since a lot of this summer is (hopefully) going to be spent in the Amazon or on the Andes, I have been stocking up on hiking/camping gear. I got a brand new backpack that has a lot more support than my old one, some Keen hiking boots, wool socks, compact mummy style sleeping bag, lightweight hiking clothes, etc.

Even staying in hostel…