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Peru, again

Two summers ago, I went to Peru with my mom and we chose to fly home early when I got food poisoning that did not appear to be getting any better after a few days bed rest (see previous entry). I am back in Peru, and after nearly two weeks I am proud to say that my stomach is doing just fine somehow!

Chris and I spent a few days in Lima preparing for our upcoming trip into the jungle. After going to a few different markets we set off on a 20 hour bus ride (that ended up being 23 hours of course) to Pucallpa. The brakes on the bus broke down twice, the girl in the seat behind me vomited out the window four times, and we only stopped to use a bathroom twice. Peruanos are camels apparently. Between Chris and I we have a small library so we have plenty of entertainment for long trips like this.

Pucallpa was a real eye opener for what was ahead of us, further away from civilization. Our hotel was one of what seemed to be only two buildings in the city with a real roof, and a decent hotel r…