Cusco Revisited

My second time in Cusco, and I still did not manage to make it to Machu Picchu. We hiked up a hill with an Incan fortress only to be told that actual entrance was seventy soles (too much money for a one hour tour), so we observed the fortress from the outside. This was the closest to Incan Ruins that I would get.

Incan fortress outside of Cusco

Chris and I met up with his brother on the first day of the Corpus Christi festival in the city. Although it is some sort of Catholic festival for the saints, it is also a huge cultural event. Platters of chicken and guinea pigs were being sold by vendors everywhere, and the people drank and danced in the streets all night. Getting around took forever because of the masses of people who flooded the streets. It made me appreciate Cusco a lot more the second time around.

Scary masks that are part of the celebration

We ate well in Cusco and this time I didn’t get sick (food included sushi, Indian food, and Irish Pub food). One bizarre thing about Cusco this time was the number of people in the street selling “massages.” I put this in quotations because for the prices they were offering, there was no way they could have been legitimate massages. “One dollar for massage” most likely meant “one dollar for us to take you into a private room and steal all of your belongings.”

We had one crazy night out for Chris’ birthday a recovery day (stay in bed and watch Snakes on a Plane because it’s the only thing playing in English day) and then I was off to Ecuador.


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