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Where to next?

I was in Brooklyn, NYC this past weekend and it got me itching to be abroad again. I know, I just got home from Ecuador a few weeks ago, but hey! It's in my blood!

Ending of Ecuador

Things I miss about home when I am in South America:

Heavenly Hash Ice Cream
Air Conditioning/Heat
Cheap sushi
Functional Wifi

Things I will miss about Ecuador when I am home:

Artisan Markets
$1.50 lunches
Salsa clubs that stay open until 8 AM
The children and volunteers that I work with

Volunteers riding the trolley around Quito
It is my last day in Quito and I am feeling overwhelming sadness. Sitting in my bed here, I feel completely alone in a foreign country and yet completely connected with all the amazing people I have met here as well. The volunteers with UBECI are the most interesting and inspiring group of people I have ever met. They all spent their money to come here out of their comfort zone to try and make a difference in a child’s life and I am so glad I got to be a part of this experience with all of them. Leaving this place and these people is extremely hard. The experiences we shared were unforgettable and I truly hope I encounter all of them again.