One of those days.

It is one of those days when I don't want to be here. I already have my bachelor's degree, and I am so close to having my Master's degree in Social Science Education. I am two weeks away from having my TEFL Certificate as well.
All of this is so that I can find a job overseas, either teaching history in a private school, or teaching English. I don't really care which subject I teach.
The bottom line is this; I am so excited to get out of Tallahassee, out of Florida, and out of the U.S.
I am ready to start my life abroad. I don't mean I am ready to start my real life, because obviously the life I am living right now is real, and I have great friends and an awesome apartment and relatively low stress. I am however, ready for a career, ready to work without worrying about balancing it with classes, ready to start paying off these stupid student loans that have financed my travels, ready to learn a new language, ready to become part of a community.
I am going to an international teaching recruitment fair in December for South American schools, and if I don't get a job there, another job fair in February. Hopefully the job fair in December works out. If I don't get a job at either of these, then I figured in the spring I can't start applying for EFL jobs, and with my qualifications, I'm sure finding work abroad won't be too difficult.
I just want all of this to happen tomorrow! 7 more months here though.


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