I have done quite a bit of traveling in the last month or so. At the beginning of October I had the privilege of going to Vermont for a few days to really experience fall! Wow. What a difference from the two seasons in Florida: wet and dry. It was rainy, but I still got to see the mountains covered in red, orange, and even purple leaves! We had apple cider, ate apple donuts, I bought maple syrup candy, and stayed in a house with a basement and attic. These are all crazy concepts to me. It was really beautiful there.
Last weekend, I went to New Orleans to go to Voodoo Experience for Halloween weekend, headlined by Ozzy Osbourne. This might have been one of the craziest weekends of my life. I got to see so many of my favorite bands. One of the most special parts of the weekend was getting to be part of a small audience for an intimate Janelle Monae interview in one of the side tents. She was so small, and yet had such a huge personality! I was sitting ten feet away from her, and of course I didn't have a camera.
The front lawn of City Park in New Orleans

This is something that made me mad all weekend! My friends had cameras, and of course they took a few photos which is great, but there were people at some of the concerts that would hit record at the beginning of a song, and stare into their camera lens for the entire performance! What is the point of going to a music festival only to hide behind a camera all weekend so that you can upload videos to facebook and brag to your friends?
Some of our many costumes

Some of the bands and DJs I got to see: Florence and the Machine, Metric, Ozzy, Jonsi, Deadmau5, Crystal Method, Paul van Dyck, Janelle Monae, Interpol, Muse, Hot Chip, BoysNoize, MGMT, Die Antwoord, some jazz music, and probably some others that I can't remember.
Halloween night we went down to Frenchmen St. in the French Quarter. New Orleans is such a crazy city! It has a really big personality in a way that I have not experienced in any other city before. It is as flamboyant but not as tacky as Las Vegas, as artsy but not as pretentious as some other cities, touristy but not obnoxious, unique but not ridiculously expensive.
Of course we had a different costume for each day.
Coming up this month: Going to Atlanta and Denver.


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