I Need to Leave For Awhile

This is why I need to leave America for awhile. I am disillusioned and sad every day when I look at the news.

Because the government spends $800 billion a year on defense spending, but this still exists

Because this hateful, unambitious asshole is 3rd in line to the Presidency

Because the governor of Florida actually wants to break up the public school system

Because Georgia would dare consider passing this bill through their State Congress

Because Texas exists

Because Texas schools truly believe that minorities are overrepresented in curriculum

Because Sarah Palin is taken seriously even though she is not a serious person, at all

Because judges sell out American children

Because South Dakota considered, even for just a minute, allowing legal murder of abortion doctors

I can't stand living here right now. I know I am moving away and not helping the problem but there are times when I read about these things and I feel like I'm suffocating and I never want to come back. There is good in America, and appreciation of diversity, and caring people, but for some reason these people aren't speaking up lately.


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