Stupid Encounters

Old Man From California: Met this old guy at Kafka Café. I sat at the table next to him as he shouted at the waitress: What is the name of this song-o playing?!! He asked me where I was from, we started talking a little and he told me he has lived in Latin America for ten years. I asked if he was in Spanish classes and he said no, he never wanted to learn Spanish because THEN HE WOULD HAVE TO TALK TO THE LOCALS. Are you shitting me, dude?!! God forbid you have to talk to the people that live here! Way to make yourself look like a complete jackass. You’ve lived here for ten years and you still don’t know that a song is un cancion?

Tuk Tuk Driver Who Thinks I am an Ignorant Gringa: Gringa I may be, but I know that a tuk tuk ride from Nuestros Ahijados to La Merced is NOT fifteen quetzales. So there.

Salsa Dancing Partner Who Licked my Face: 'Nuff Said.

To be continued...


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