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Weekend in El Salvador

I had a long weekend off work and Chris and I decided to go to El Salvador for a few days, not knowing anything about where to go or what to do once we were there. Luckily we ended up missing all the shuttles to San Salvador on Thursday and got stuck in Guatemala City for a night. I say luckily because it meant we got to spend some time at the mall and found a movie theater showing X-Men: First Class in English! It’s always nice to see a movie in English when you are away from home, something comforting about the big squishy chairs and air conditioning and familiar language.

The next day we took a shuttle to San Salvador, chicken bus to the coastal town of La Libertad and from there caught another chicken bus to Playa San Diego. We had read about a hostel there called El Roble that was supposed to be really chill. The chicken bus drops you off in the middle of a neighborhood and we had to walk through a dozen or so ranches before we found the hostel. So glad we did!
The pool at El Rob…

Just Joined!


Want to Help?

June 15 is a huge fundraising day for the NGO I am volunteering with. One of our branches here in Guatemala and around the globe is the Institute for Trafficked, Exploited, and Missing Persons and it would be awesome if you could donate even a buck or two to help them out. Remember that I see the money being put to good use down here!!

Fun Lately

I have been branching out from my comfort zone more and more lately. Well, going to the beach doesn’t really count considering I grew up at the beach. I went with 8 friends in a shuttle to Monterrico, a small town on the Pacific Coast. It was an extremely chill (very drunken), relaxing weekend of fried fish, blue pools, black sand, and cold beers. Probably the most stress free weekend of my life actually. I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take photos, woops. Lots of dancing, flip cup, Never Have I Ever, drinking games, rolling around in the sand, singing along to tunes on the guitar with new friends, and watching the sunset on the beach with huge fruity cocktails in hand.

The gang at the circus
I DID take photos of the Guatemalan circus down the street from my house though! It was about as crazy as we all expected. It opened with two little boys on a trampoline and a midget with a hammer.

This wee man in a devil costume was sort of creepy
There was a contortionist, as well as a …