Lago de Atitlán

I have been to the lake twice now so it is time to post some photos and whatnot.

View of the lake

The first time, I went to San Pedro, a little hippie town, with Chris, Brian, and Andrea. Getting a boat from Panajchel to San Pedro was a little bit annoying because you have to wait for the boat to fill up but we got some beers and the wait wasn’t all that bad. Not to mention we were chilling on a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes.

Walking down a street in San Pedro

San Pedro was really cute, lots of little bars and cafes, hostels, interesting people walking around. It had just rained so the entire city felt wet and I had to change into my flip flops. For dinner, Chris and I went to a place called The Clover and I think I had the best food I have had on my entire trip down here so far. It was chicken stuffed with cheese and olives and spinach. The next day, we discovered an awesome hostel/restaurant called Zoola. The restaurant was inside a huge colorful Middle Eastern looking tent, and everyone sat on bamboo mats on the floor. I napped on a floor pillow while Chris got some work done.

The dock at the entrance of San Pedro

Our final afternoon at the lake, Andrea showed us this place that I think was simply called “La Piscina.” It’s a pool and bar that does a huge American style barbeque on Sundays. So good!! I got grilled tuna steaks with green beans, corn on the cob, a baked potato with real sour cream, as well as some tasty Sangria. The pool actually had cold water!

I went back two weekends later with just Chris.

Chris and I on the lake

We stayed at a beautiful resort called Casa del Mundo. It was built into a cliff side and was completely eco-friendly. Because it was rainy season, the bottom floor was underwater and the waves looked a little choppy to swim in, but I was plenty entertained laying around in the hammock watching the volcanoes, drinking smoothies, petting the hostel dog, and reading Harry Potter in Spanish all day.

 Bottom floor of the hotel under water- reminded me of the Titanic...

The hostel had really great food as well, they do a family style dinner every night where everyone pulls their tables together and basically feasts with each other. Our meal consisted of black bean soup, nachos and guacamole, beef in a tomato sauce with fried green beans, and a banana pie dessert. The resort's most expensive room is under 100 dollars, so if you get to the Lake while in Guatemala, check it out!
The Lake is one of the most beautiful, serene places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Maybe I would get bored eventually living there, but I won’t get bored visiting.

Casa Del Mundo

 Summary of my time at the lake


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