Each Sunday, Quito closes down the main road and opens it up to bikers, creating an epic 30 km bike path through the city called Ciclopaseo. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people take to the streets on bikes. This week, a bunch of the teachers at my school decided to go together, starting in the North and working our way South. We rented bikes for about 13 bucks a person and we were off!
 The group standing around Old Town-best part of the ride
I had trouble with some of the hills and ended up walking my bike up quite a few of them, but overall, it was a blast and I survived relatively unscathed. We ate lunch in the south end of town at a huge mall, and then split into two groups to head back to the north. Half of us (the wimps) loaded our bikes in a truck and rode back up north in style, the other half (the hulks) rode their bikes back up to the north end of town.
 Taking a break in South Quito
The best part of the day? I got to see some vigilante justice, all Kick-Ass style! At the very beginning of the Ciclopaseo, an Ecuadorian man grabbed a white woman’s cell phone out of her hand as she was walking down the street. She chased him, screaming “SOMEONE GET HIM!!!” and a bunch of the bikers chased him down! They cornered him and tackled him, holding him down until the police arrived. The woman got her phone back, and while they were waiting for the cops, a bunch of the locals were kicking the thief and spitting at him. It actually got a little rowdy, but the whole event made me have faith in random people in the streets of Quito. Maybe if I get mugged someday, people will tackle the criminal for me.
Roomie and I before the last stretch


  1. Awesome stuff! I stumbled on your blog by googling vigilante justice. My wife and I needed to hear a story where the theives get what's coming after having our camera stolen from our bag (it was between our feet on the bus !) and hearing so many mugging stories from friends in Quito


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