Zapallo Verde

My roommate and I joined a food co-op! So much better than grocery shopping at Mega Maxi, aka WalMart. All we do is go online once a week and place our order, then go into the co-op in person on Wednesdays to pick it up. For 5 dollars, you get a box with random local vegetables for the week.
 Box of surprise local veggies, greens, herbs= $5
They also sell breads, jams, homemade hummus, lasagna, tons of Ecuadorian specialties, whole chickens, eggs, produce, local cheeses, cakes, etc. Zapallo Verde is such a happy environment. Sometimes they go on weekends to visit farmers and eat lunch right on the farms where the food is produced, so I can’t wait to get in on that. Sadly, we missed a trip to the tomato farm for Baños, but I’m sure there will be plenty more.
 Click "Pagina de Pedidos" to see all the food options:


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