Canoa- Beach Getaway

Thursday afternoon we had an unexpected announcement at work: Due to potential rioting and traffic issues on the one year anniversary of the police riots, school would be cancelled. It took us teachers about an hour to plan an impromptu beach trip to Canoa for the 3 day weekend.

 All of the girls and one of the guys
Photo cred: Tamara Fernandez
We left Quito at 11 PM and arrived on the beach at 6 AM. It was too early to check into our hostel, so we changed into our bathing suits and plopped down on the beach with some rum and fruit juice. Canoa’s beaches are really swimmable, as in not too cold or hot water, no sharks that I saw, decent chest sized waves, some surfers, and smooth sandy ocean bottoms.
The town itself is small and kind of dead on Fridays, but on Saturday it picks up as everyone arrives. Lots of hippies, families, creepy men in Speedos, backpackers, and Ecuadorian surf teachers hitting on gringas. We had a ton of fun dancing our last night in a tiki hut. We were dancing in a circle and one of the teachers said that we should all pick a local and go dance with them. This is probably always a great idea. She ended up with a guy in a Speedo.

 My coworker dancing with Speedo guy in the party hut!
The food in Canoa put Quito to shame! I lived off seafood. Ceviche, encocado fish, paella, garlic shrimp, shrimp omelettes, fish nuggets, and the list goes on…

 Encocado is a coconut sauce that is a specialty on the coast- this one is with shrimp
Sitting on a beach with your feet in the sand and a cold beer in your hand is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Canoa is a perfect location for a 3 day weekend getaway from Quito. I wouldn’t recommend it for a normal weekend just because it does take around 7 hours each way. It was seriously relaxing, felt pretty safe compared to the big city, and the town felt like it had a lot more to explore than let on in our short 3 days there.


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