Cultural Differences

There has been one glaring cultural difference lately that has stood out to me. I'm going to share some examples before diving right into the issue.

1. On my school bus the other day, a truck driver plowed into the side of our bus, knocking off the mirror, and took off. Our school bus driver sped up in pursuit and got the truck to pull over, but then the truck driver and everyone in the truck proceeded to deny it, even with 20 teachers on the bus who had clearly witnessed, felt, and heard the crash. Once the police arrived, the truck driver handed over 15 dollars to our bus driver.

2. One of my students has to wear a neck brace for 2 weeks because she sprained her neck. How, you may ask? Just riding the school bus to school. That's how crazy the driving can be here. Whipping around a corner on the bus sprained her neck.

I am not about to complain about the driving here, although that may seem the case. What is stranger to me is the lack of accountability in both cases. Any girl in the same situation in the United States would have sued the school district in a heart beat. Car crashes in the States end up with exchanging insurance information and points on your driver's license. Is there more of a sense of personal responsibility here? Is the government too unstable to actually handle issues like these? Do people refuse to place blame on anyone for anything ever?

I really don't know.


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