A Day in the Life

What is my normal day like in Quito?

I wake up at 6 AM every day. My roommate and I both shower, make coffee and toast, and run to catch the bus at 6:45. The school bus picks us up a block away from my house, and we ride to school with students. We get to school around 7:20 each day, and most mornings I use that time on the bus to get some more sleep.

I am loving my job at Colegio Americano. The other teachers are so friendly and welcoming to us newbies, and the administration is really supportive. My students are all super nice, even if middle schoolers can be emotional or attention starved sometimes. I teach between 4-6 periods each day out of 8, which gives me plenty of time for grading and planning. The school cafeteria has variety and delicious, cheap, authentic Ecuadorian food. It has a sandwich bar and a really great salad bar, as well as hot meals, soup, desserts, and a snack bar. The school bus on the way home leaves school around 3:45 and I get home at 4:20.

Some days I am so tired from work that I just want to melt into my couch and watch movies all night. I try to cook one or two big or new recipes each week because the food here is inexpensive and fresh. Some foods I have been cooking include shepherds pie, quinoa stew, stir fries, egg scramblers, vegan chili, avocado dips, homemade tzatiki, all using local produce. The difference in what is available at the market forces you to be creative when cooking. On Wednesdays I have a private Spanish tutor who comes to my house for 2 hours. On Tuesday and Thursday I go to a dance studio for belly dance classes. Once in awhile we go to Mariscal or Old Town for dinner, or our favorite bar, Naranjilla Mecanica, for some awesome maracuya cocktails. The teachers stay pretty active, playing soccer or ultimate frisbee, but that's not really my scene so I stick to my dance classes.
Somedays I brink a book to a cafe in my neighborhood for cappucino and gelato or pastries. My neighborhood has a European feel so we have tons of cute coffee shops and bakeries to hang out at.

Weekends are another story, but that's for a later time.


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