Clothing Swap/Scone Adventure

On Sunday the female teachers of Colegio Americano are doing a brunch clothing swap. Everyone brings a dish of food and any clothes, shoes, accessories they don’t want anymore. You can take other people’s old clothes for free, and whatever is left at the end of the day we donate to a charity.

My roommate and I decided to tackle scones for the brunch, and to try to bake a whole variety of flavors. The experience started off well because our grocery store was having a few liquor sampling for who knows what reason (fall? Christmas? Upcoming bull fights?). 

 Liquor sampling at Mega Maxi

We ended up deciding on three flavors: Rosemary pear, chocolate cranberry, and cinnamon apple. They all turned out perfect! They tasted exactly like how a scone should taste. Laura and I feasted on them last night and I can’t wait to eat some more today at the party.

Chopping fresh pears and apples for the scones

 Cutting out dozens of scones

We destroyed our kitchen and it took hours to make but it was worth it. Our oven is really small so we had to cook them in small batches but we watched a movie while we waited. The scones turned out nice and crisp on the outside and dense and more fluffy on the inside. 

 Turned out perfect!!

The clothing swap itself was brilliant! Everyone brought tasty food (breakfast casserole, breakfast potatoes, Mexican breakfast, fruit salads, croissants, etc.) and donated a lot of clothes. I left the swap with a brand new tweed blazer, red chiffon cardigan from J Crew and brand new dark rinse jeans that I can wear to work.

Girls picking through the pile

 Sporting some of my new clothes

Everyone drew a number and we went in order picking items so that everyone had a chance to get some new clothes. Some of the guys got a bit silly and started trying on girls clothes. I think they were jealous.

 That shirt doesn't quite fit right...


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