Ecuadorian Baby Shower

One of my coworkers is about to have a baby so my section in the school threw her a baby shower after school on Friday. I was curious to see an Ecuadorian baby shower, which turned out to be pretty similar to an American baby shower, except for the chancha (pulled pork) tacos we ate.

The hostess planned a bunch of fun games. The first was to test how soft your fingers were, they filled a bowl of rice with safety pins, and blindfolded we each had to sort the safety pins from the rice. We also were each given a clothespin at the beginning of the party to wear, and anytime any guest crossed their legs or arms you could steal their clothespin.
 Game of "find the safety pin"
 Game of "don't cross your hands or feet"

Everything was done up really beautifully, with an adorable cake, baby socks, prizes, coffee and tea for all. Ecuadorians know how to eat, we had an awesome spread of DIY tacos with guacamole, pulled pork, chicken, salsa, roast veggies, and different cheeses. The final game was a ton of fun. We passed around a roll of toilet paper and each guest had to rip off paper for how round the future mommy was, and then we each got to measure how close we were. It’s so nice to work in a place where the people genuinely care about each other and socialize frequently outside of school.
 Adorable decorations

Mom to Be covered in toilet paper!


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