El Pobre Diablo

I discovered a new favorite spot in Quito this weekend. There is a music venue called El Pobre Diablo (the poor devil) that I have been meaning to check out and last night they were featuring a jazz quintuplet so we figured that was a great chance to try out the bar.  It turned out to far exceed my expectations. The music was great, the lead trumpet was from New Orleans and they played a lot of original music. The atmosphere was great, lots of people cracking open bottles of wine, sharing food, enjoying the music. We split a platter of cheeses and meats and olives and a bottle of wine. The restaurant itself is adorable, exposed brick, gardens out front, framed photos of jazz musicians everywhere. They are having a Celtic band this week that I am hoping I get to check out.
 Ritmo Armonico Jazz Quintuplet

Link to the venue and events:


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  2. nice to see this :) i play bass on ritmo armonico

  3. Thanks for stopping by Daniel, that's awesome!


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