Itchimbia Craft Expo

After the clothing swap on Sunday, most of the teachers headed up to Itchimbia Park for a huge crafts market. The park is set on a hillside overlooking Quito’s Old Town, and on a pretty day like today, is pretty much the place to be. The cultural center in the park is a huge greenhouse that sometimes hosts art exhibits or markets. Luckily for us, it was a craft expo!
 Cultural Center in the park
 Quito sprawling out behind us
I did my fair share of shopping. I got a wood carving of an owl for my wall, some Christmas gifts (shhh secret), a new journal for myself. They had jewelry and bags and sculptures and so many other unique crafts to buy. Compared to the United States, everything is relatively cheap, but I have been living in Ecuador for a few months now and ten dollars seems like a ridiculous price to pay for ANYTHING. I bought tampons at the pharmacy last week and the pharmacist gave me a hard time for paying with a twenty.
  Inside the Expo- Crafts everywhere!!
After the market, we headed to a café in the hillside overlooking the city called Café Mosaico. We met the owner who welcomed us, and enjoyed the view of the Basilica below. This was a Greek café, with moussaka, baklava, grape leaves, saganaki, souvlaki, etc. The drink menu was impressive as well. I am going to return here to drink cappuccinos and read on many Sundays in my future. Between this café, El Pobre Diablo, Itchimbia Park, a new German pub I tried out on Friday, I am starting to grow more and more fond of Quito. Now I really want friends and family to visit so I can show them a good time!


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