My Neighborhood

I live in the northern part of Quito near the city park Parque La Carolina. My neighborhood revolves around one big road, Republica del Salvador, that looks different from the rest of Quito.  When I try to explain it to people, it sounds like I live in Europe. There are pretty tree lined streets, tons of fancy bakeries and cafes, a bagel shop, sushi places, dance studios, and tall high rises with trendy new apartment buildings. I live on the eighth floor of a brand new apartment building. My neighborhood is safe compared to the rest of Quito because of how many businesses there are here targeted towards upper class Ecuadorians and gringos. This means a LOT of armed guards kicking suspicious people out of the neighborhood. I understand that this is both good and bad, but for me, it means I can walk to get a shwarma at 9 PM and not worry too much.

 Main street of my neighborhood: Republica del Salvador
We have a huge Wal Mart style store called Mega Maxi that I try to avoid. Two blocks away is a small local tienda with piles of fresh fruit, dried nuts and fruit, local produce, and everything else you could ever want. I basically only go into Mega Maxi to use the ATM or sometimes for soy milk.

 Mounds of fruit at my local tienda

Sacks of dried fruits and nuts. Pine nuts are so cheap here!

My neighborhood has a lot of cute restaurants and cafes with sorbet and gelato. It’s hard not to put on weight just looking at the windows of pastries. We also have specialty stores for cheese, meats, produce, and a couple flower stands. I bought this huge bunch of flowers today for 3 dollars. It’s so nice to always have fresh flowers in the house, a habit I never had before Quito. Most flowers are one dollar or less. It’s fun to buy a bunch of bright, crazy looking flowers and surprise the roommate.

 Flowers being sold in the middle of the road
Today was a nice lazy Sunday. I walked to the local tienda, bought some pistachios, cashews, prunes, and dried pineapple to snack on, stopped by the flower stand and bought some fresh flowers, cooked a DELICIOUS quinoa stew, read on my couch, ate some formerly exotic fruits, worked on my Spanish homework, and watched a few episodes of Six Feet Under.

 I bought all of these flowers for 3 dollars today!

Breakfast in Bed: Pitahaya, Granadilla, Cashews, Pineapple


  1. you was robbed on your flowers. I counted them and here in Morelia Mexico they would have cost you 1.50. but they are nice though. Like your blog and all the food stuff. I love to ´cook..


  2. oops. got distracted by your flowers. I did have a question. My wife and I live in mexico but hope to be moving to Ecuador later next year. Life is just a bit too exciting right now in Mexico.

    About your bookworming. Do you have a kindle. I find it impossible to live without it here in mexico but am wondering how you go about getting your reading material. Is it still actually possible to live and read without some sort of ebook reader.

    I also have the usual tablets, a samsung 5.0 and an ipad2 but find that I cannot read a long time on these because of the backlight. the kindle has epaper and it is just like a book. Anyway. Just curious since i will be relying on my kindle in equador as well.

  3. I have a Nook that I never use. I brought a ton of books down with me and my school library has a great English book collection. Plus a lot of our teachers brought down books so I can trade with them from time to time.


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