Vegetarian Restaurant

There is a vegetarian restaurant near my house that I have been meaning to try but never got around to it. Yesterday my roommate and I decided to try it out because all the conditions were finally right (it was open, we were in town, we were awake…) and it was so great! When you sit down, there is only one option and that is the daily lunch. Yesterday it consisted of yucca soup, maracuya juice, vegan salchicha (hot dog), tofu scramble stewed cabbage, brown rice, and cucumber salad. The whole meal was $2.50. 
 Set lunch menu on Saturday

Everyone who worked there was really friendly and it had a decent crowd. It’s called Ming Yuen and it is right off Seis de Deciembre across the street from Mega Maxi. I will definitely be returning to this little veggie joint.
  Interior of the restaurant


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