A Week in Quito

We had a couchsurfer this week! His name is Paco and he is from France and he is awesome. Since he has been here, there have been wonderful things happening in my kitchen and the house has been mysteriously clean. We will be sad to see him go on Tuesday but he is moving on to better things (volunteering in the jungle). His first day here, he left this surprise on our counter.

 Fruit tower!
Paco, Laura, and I went to the opera Saturday night. I got to put on my fancy pants and we had some nice wine. The opera had two acts. The first part was a tragedy about a nun who killed herself to be with her bastard son in heaven, the second was a comedy about a tricky con artist lawyer. People dressed pretty casually which made me a little sad. Tickets for the nosebleed section were $15. I want to return to Teatro Nacional Sucre to see a ballet or dance troupe.

 Laura, Paco, and me!!

Teatro Nacional Sucre- Where the magic happens
Paco has been cooking up some awesome stuff in our kitchen, such as homemade lentil patties and guacamole, which inspired me to cook an awesome veggie meal. I made my favorite homemade potatoes gratin dauphinois (splurged on a nice block of gruyere cheese for that), roasted asparagus in balsamic vinegar, and served it all over crispy quinoa burgers.

 Nom Nom Nom- Good Eats


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