Almuerzos (lunches) are the biggest meal in Ecuador. A lot of the local restaurants and cafes aren’t even open for dinner. I think most people typically eat at an almuerzo place near their job and then come together for dinner with family. My host family last year would always eat a big, fresh lunch, and then dinner would be the leftovers, reheated, still just as delicious.

I don’t get to eat almuerzos out in the city that much because I don’t get home until around 4:30 but it is exam week at my school which means:

I get out of school early every day! Yay!

I get to grade a massive pile of exams every day! Boo!

Anyways, here’s a sampling of a typical almuerzo (which cost $2.25).

La sopa: beef, potatoes, lentils

 Segundo (main course): Chicken in gravy, rice, plantains, vegetables, and fresh pineapple juice just off screen

My roommate pointed out to me how much people here add -ito to the end of every word, and now I have been noticing it everywhere. Today, every person in the restaurant who ordered food asked for an 'almuercito' which should mean a small lunch, but it was a huge pile of food! I don't quite have a grasp of the -ito yet, but I will work on it.


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