Mercado de Santa Clara

I did my grocery shopping this week at a local produce market, Mercado de Santa Clara. From the outside, it doesn't look like much. There are basket tiendas around the outside of the building where you can buy some cool woven handicrafts. You can hear the bustle of the stalls inside as you are walking up.

I started off by going to the section with all the almuerzo booths to grab a quick lunch. Rows and rows of empanadas, humitas, secos, pollo broster, pescado frito, and sopa de gallina, all typical Ecuadorian food. I sat at one that had a plate of cucumber tomato salad, fried chicken and rice for one dollar. I was given only a spoon, and looked around to see everyone else also eating with just a spoon. My host family did this last year, but eating fried chicken with a spoon is near impossible, so I had to use my fingers sometimes to rip off pieces of meat. Some people looked at me like I was uncivilized. Clearly I need practice.

 Fried chicken that I devoured with a spoon

Rows of comedores- food booths

The bottom floor is rows of produce, fruits, nuts, chocolate, and flowers. The top floor is meat, fish, chicken, sausages, and cheeses. I got a huge filet of mahi mahi for 3 bucks up there. I also bought pears, grapes, butternut squash, flowers, tomatoes, and peppers. I have no idea what I'm going to with any of it yet, but I'm sure it will be tasty.

Piles of produce

My goods for the day- $13

I am going to tack this on here because it is food related. I recently went to a grocery store and tried to buy a potato masher and then remembered that these do not exist in Ecuador. They don't make mashed potatoes very often. I am back to using the bottom of a jar to mash things. It works every time.
 No potato masher!


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