Terraza Brunch

I was invited to an amazing brunch hosted by a friend of mine this weekend. It was on his rooftop terrace and had a Panama hat theme. The views in Quito are stunning because of the valley and the Andes Mountains. Pichincha volcano is always looming in the background looking all beautiful as well (it also makes for easy navigation in the city).

Really great spread of food choices

The party was really well done, they had tons of food, mimosas, a couch, lots of hats to go around, and a dj! In typical Quito fashion, I was sunburned after only an hour and a half.

 DJ booth and view of Quito
Hanging out with friends

I felt pretty fancy, kinda like the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha throws a rooftop party for all the neighborhood transvestites, minus the transvestites. My friend Pablo is trying to convince my roommate and I that we need to host a brunch on our fabulous rooftop, but I have to think of a fun/simple/classy theme first.
I believe Carrie is saying, 'You talking to me?!'


  1. Where do you shop for clothes. I like your style! I especially like the graphic shirt you are wearing in other posts. Care to tell where you bought it. Thanks. : )

  2. hey anonymous, let me know who you are and I can shoot you an email with some websites where I shop!

  3. Hi there I prefer not to tell but thanks anyways. Maybe one day you could do a style post (recommendations) of your fave brands or shops, sorry I am kinda into fashion. Only if you so want to, though. ;)

  4. Ahhk well in that case... Most of my nice work clothes are from Ann Taylor Loft, graphic tees from Urban Outfitters, some clothes from Target and Anthropologie, and some clothes that I buy on the road when I travel. Also, EBAY! I am pretty cheap when it comes to clothes.


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