A chiva is an open bus or truck that can be used as public transportation, especially in the smaller cities in Ecuador. If you combine a chiva with a discoteca, you get a chivoteca! A big open party bus that you can hire for a special event and drive around all night high fiving strangers in the street and dancing your butt off to Billboard Top 40 hits while sloshing canelazo all over yourself. One of my friends had a birthday this week and celebrated with a chivoteca. The view in Old Town is especially fantastic. There are ropes handing from the ceiling for you to hold on to so you don't fly all over the place. Ours had a dj and lots of booze, and we got to jump off in front of the Basilica in Old Town. My hands are still aching from hanging on to those ropes! My friend Tamara got the only photo of me on the chiva:

 Tamara and I, note the canelazo cup around my neck

This is what a chivoteca looks like

Chivas can be super obnoxious, unless you are on one of course! Especially during Fiestas de Quito, they were driving around at all hours blaring the Black Eyed Peas and Pitbull and whistling at everyone on the streets. My only suggestion? They should have someone grilling up street meat next to the dj and the chivotecas would be perfect. The down side to a chivoteca is that you lose your ability to function the next day.

Chivoteca: The Morning After.


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