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I have not posted in a month because I was in Colombia, and I returned home ready to start blogging about my fabulous trip only to realize that LAN Airlines stole my digital camera out of my backpack. When I travel, I take photos with this blog in my mind, and so I have been at a loss as to what to write about. Now I have to wait for my friends who I traveled with to post photos from the trip so I can steal them for this blog. In the meantime, let me explain the crazy ups and downs of my relationships with LAN for the last month.
First, when I bought my ticket at the LAN counter in the Quito airport (I was flying to Cuenca and decided to go ahead and buy my flight in person) the girl misread my passport and put my name as ‘Alyse Day.’ I told her my name was McKenzie but she kept telling me it didn’t matter because she was too lazy to go back in the computer and retype my name properly. I called LAN and they said I couldn’t get on the plane unless my passport matched my ticket so then I had to go through the process of cancelling and resissuing my ticket under a new name. No fun.
On my way home from Colombia, I had 3 flights. Cartagena-Bogota, Bogota-Medellin, Medellin-Quito. The middle flight was so far delayed because of the presidential conference in Cartagena that I missed my flight to Ecuador, along with 10 other people. Instead of holding the Quito flight for the ten of us, LAN put us up in a resort spa over night, dinner, breakfast, lunch included. All pictures below come from TripAdvisor.

 My room at Las Lomas- Rionegro
This place was ABSURD. I am used to hostels with dirty sheets and bed bugs, inconsistent wifi, mud in the showers, people farting in the bed above you, and loads of booze. All of a sudden I was thrust into a life of splendor. I felt like a fraud. My resort spa had a jacuzzi, sauna, pool, peacocks wandering the grounds, multiple restaurants, and loads of other wonderful things I have not experienced since I stayed at the MGM Grand in Vegas with my family when I was 14. I spent my 24 hour layover in Medellin laying in bed in my fancy sheets blaring Friends reruns, sipping fresh juice by the poolside, tanning and reading my Nook in the gardens, and snapping photos of the peacocks. What a life.

 Peacocks roamed the grounds freely

 Ate all of my meals poolside
Then to balance out this wonderful experience, some LAN asshole stole my camera out of my backpack on the flight home. I remember exactly where I packed it when I was leaving the hotel. I had no intentions of checking my backpack but when the security guy started digging into my toiletries and throwing stuff away (114 ml instead of 100!), I ran back to the counter and checked my bag, thinking it would save me money. Lesson learned. What a tumultuous relationship I have with LAN!

Can't decide if I hate LAN or love LAN


  1. sorry about your camera

  2. Please forgive the possibly stupid question, but when you say “home” do you mean to Quito or is home somewhere else? Your blog is about Columbia, but I think this was just one of a few stop overs. Is this correct? If you are currently living in Quito how long have you been there? I read over your “bragging rights … quite impressive. How do you fund your travels? I’ve spent some time in Quito and Muisne and the culture shock was ridiculous.
    I don’t want to be spammy (I’m really trying not to be “That guy”) but given that you are an expat (multiple times over) and as we are a small start up focused on expats and travelers I would love to talk to you about what we’re doing, what we can do for you, and get some of your feedback. If you could email us at or leave us your email address in a comment at we’ll send you an email.
    Thanks for your time it’s GREATLY APPRECIATED! Cheers

  3. Thanks anonymous who said 'sorry about your camera'- I used this incident as an excuse to finally buy a really nice new point and shoot.
    Yes, home is Quito, I funded my rights by working my butt off in college with a full time job and also taking out student loans to travel (oops).
    I have been in Quito about a year now. I will get in contact with you at your blog, wanderinggenie!


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