Caribbean Coast of Colombia

I visited two cities on the Caribbean coast that I am going to squeeze into one entry because I only spent two days in each.
Cartagena was a bizarre experience because the second night we were there, it was the presidential summit. Yes, the infamous Secret Service agents ripping off hookers presidential summit. The old walled city was really all I saw because each time I was there, I was passing through. Regardless, I had a ton of fun in this city, in part because of the awesome group at my hostel. I am used to a lack of diversity here in Ecuador, and Cartagena had such a strong African influence that it really surprised me. The town itself was really vibrant, bright colored buildings and flowers and hanging vines everywhere. The beaches in Cartagena aren’t the best, but there are amazing beaches within a short distance.

 Sunset in Cartagena

Lovely Colonial Streets

We splurged on a nice sushi meal one night in Cartagena

The architecture here was unreal!!
Santa Marta was my favorite coastal town that I got to visit in Colombia. You could see the coast from most streets, and the small roads were packed with activity and extreme heat. There were a couple blocks of nothing but cute cafes and restaurants that were really creative and fun. Along the water, there is a pretty promenade of restaurants as well. We met a waitress working at an NGO that needs volunteers this summer, and I will admit, I am extremely interested. Yet another place in Colombia in which I feel like I need to spend more time. No photos from here because my camera was stolen and my friends didn't take any photos in the city.


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