Damiana Levy Dance Studio in Quito

I LOVE my dance studio here in Quito! For the first couple months in Ecuador, adjustment wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. In Tallahassee, and then in Guatemala, I had my place in the community, and that was lacking here in Ecuador as I threw myself into a new job. I tried out some belly dance classes at a different studio, but could tell it just wasn't my style. So I kept searching for dance studios online and found one that stood out- Damiana Levy Dance Studio. Damiana, the owner, is everything I could hope for in a teacher. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, but she pushes you and inspires you to be the best possible dancer you could be as well. The classes are structured, strict, and yet I still have fun and get to be expressive.

 Having a fun time dancing in a circle around a birthday girl in class

My teacher and studio owner- Damiana Levy

There are 4 levels for adults.
Level 1: Beginners
Level 2: Cardiobelly (belly dance with an aerobic twist, so much fun!)
Level 3: My class, a little more advanced and focused on technique
Level 4: The 'teacher' class

There are also classes for young girls, as well as yoga and jazz. I haven't had to wear a uniform to dance class in ages, but Dami has really high expectations for her students. She is truly a professional, constantly providing workshops for students with various teachers, and training in Egypt.
I performed with them for the first time a few weeks ago in the 'Festival Danza Arabe.' I danced two numbers, a percussion song and an Oriental song. The costumes were great and the show ran smoothly. I had 14 friends come to the show, which was so great because I was not expecting that at all! My studio packed the theater at Colegio Benalcazar and had a great time! There was a professional photographer there, and since I still don't have a camera, I am using his photos in this post.

Hanging out backstage with my fellow dancers

Hams in the green room

Gorgeous costumes custom made for the recital

Percussion dance

My awesome dance troupe

Dress rehearsal photo

We are spot on the choreography! 
Drilled it enough in the months before the show.

Encore with the entire studio!


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