Oh Hey There Pablo Escobar!

This is a town that seems to be everyone’s favorite. Pablo Escobar’s old home displays the wealth that corruption can potentially bring to a city, as it is truly beautiful. The setting alone, in a lush valley of palm trees and mountain peaks, is breathtaking. I felt like I could have used a lot more time in Medellin because there was so much to do and explore. Art galleries, interactive science museums, shopping, bar districts, great food scene. And the people were, just like in Bogota, so friendly! There was also a great public transportation system- huge bonus.

 View of the city

One of my favorite parts of Medellin was the Botanical Gardens. These were some of the most beautiful gardens I have visited, probably most beautiful in Latin America. There were small lakes, beautiful restaurants, wildlife running about, open fields to lay in, and gorgeous flowers. 

 Series of photos of us girls hanging out in the Botanical Gardens
We spent an afternoon in the plaza with all the Botero statues in front of the Museo de Antioquia, with a little time in the museum before closing. I didn’t realize what a recent artist Botero is, one of the exhibits was created in 2011 and early 2012! Apparently he donated a ton of art and sculptures to the city he loves.

 Jenny and I in Plaza Botero

Botero Sculpture

Botero Paintings- Larger Than Life
Our hostel was near Parque Lleras, in El Poblado, which is a huge party neighborhood that also happened to be completely adorable. Cute tree lined streets with boutiques and cafes is my type of scene. I also think the history of the city is fascinating due to it’s relationship with Pablo Escobar, and as a history teacher, that is a huge plus for me. I would love to return someday with more time to frolic about. There was a lot to Medellin that I know I didn’t tap into, and I would love to go back!


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