TelefériQo in Quito

A couple weeks ago I tried to do the Ciclopaseo with some friends and we had no luck trying to rent a bike. The company kept telling us there were employees renting bikes in what was clearly an empty store (we know it was empty, because we were standing in front of it). How you could so blatantly lie is unbeknownst to me, but we used that motivation to do something fun and FINALLY go up the TelefériQo  (teleferico and Quito combined). It is a huge cable car or gondola lift, one of the tallest in the world.
It took about ten minutes to get to the top, and we were lucky that it was a clear day on our way up! When we went back down about an hour and a half later, it was already grey and raining. It’s about a three dollar cab ride from where I live in the North, and going up costs about 4 bucks. We decided to pay the three extra dollars and skip the huge line.

 Look how long the line is!
We paid 3 bucks and skipped the whole thing
Laura and Brian in the gondola
The TelefériQo goes up the side of the Pichincha Volcano. One of the peaks is active but I have been assured by many locals that the top opens in the direction away from Quito. This is the site of the battle against the Spanish where Ecuador gained its independence, a fact I only know because we have school off next Friday to celebrate Battle of Pichincha!
  Happy times at the top of the TelefériQo!
View of Quito from the top
The views from the top of the TelefériQo were beautiful, of course. You can see all of Quito, and on an especially clear day (which it wasn’t) you can see surrounding peaks like Cotopaxi. Hikers can summit the two peaks of Pichincha, but I chose instead to go in the mini plaza of cafes at the top of the TelefériQo and eat a pile of gross fried chicken. Didn’t regret that at all later.
 Horrifying chicken, doused in hot sauce
Peaks of Pichincha in the distance and clouds rolling in


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