Visiting Jurassic Park... in Colombia!

This was really the last sight of our Colombia trip. Way to go out with a bang! Parque Tayrona looks straight out of Jurassic Park. It’s an easy day trip out of Santa Marta, but we had a slow start and were short on time. Therefore, we decided to ride horses into the park instead of doing the 2 hour hike to the beach we wanted to visit. The horse rides were mostly without incident, but I think they could sense that all 4 of us fear horses.

 This horse can sense my fear!!

 At least I'm not the only one scared shitless!

These beaches were so worth the rides

I wish I could have spent more time here...
Approaching the beach we saw a monkey and iguana just hanging out like it was their job. Welcome to the jungle! The park had hostels where you could stay, so I want to return for a longer stay and hang out overnight because we only had an afternoon there. The way out of the park was a gorgeous hike along the beach and then into the tropical forest. I feel like Parque Tayrona is some huge secret because I had never heard of it before, and it is pure magic.

 Chilling like he owns the place

That is me in the distance!

 Hiking along the trails in the park

I fully expected a T-Rex to come running out of the palm trees


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