Hectic Afternoon

I got out of school at 11 today because it is final exam week and I have to grade all afternoon. On my walk home from the bus stop, I noticed our neighborhood seemed particularly lively and stopped to take some photos with my BlackBerry. The sound of dogs barking, construction sites, cars honking, people shouting, planes flying overhead, and every other loud city sound seemed magnified for some reason on this pretty afternoon. This is my first experience living in a real 'big' city, and I am finding I am well-suited to it.

Could this explain the constant power outages?

MegaMaxi: Ecuadorian Wal Mart

The Ecovia is the public trolley in Quito
25 cents a ride!

I popped into my favorite lunch restaurant

 Vegan Asian almuerzo, $2.50

This teen couple looked either sad or tired

Tons of construction makes my neighborhood look like the set of War of the Worlds

Alien invasion in my neighborhood!

Can't escape Subway

After running errands all afternoon, finally turned down my cute street.
I'm home!


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