Locked Up Abroad!

You have probably heard of the popular National Geographic series 'Locked Up Abroad,' right? A couple months ago, they were filming here in Quito and I was hanging out on the set. My Ecuadorian friend's sister in law was working there and invited my friend to play an extra, who then invited me along for moral support. I was sitting off screen and the director pointed at me and said, 'Hey, your clothes look very 1970s, want to throw a doctor's lab coat over that and hop in the background of some of the scenes?' I obliged.

I had kind of forgotten about it until today, my friend sent me the link to the episode. I am in it for a split second, right around 3:10 in the hospital scene! I got a free steak dinner out of this, and I figure my path to stardom is now paved. Ha! Really, it was a ton of fun, and getting to see the set of a real tv series was just an all around cool experience.


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