Back in Paradise

For the first time in 6 summers, I spent the 4th of July home in the good ole U S of A! Last 4th of July I was attending a hot dog eating contest in Antigua, Guatemala. Not totally sure how I feel about that.

View over the Caloosahatchee River in Downtown Fort Myers

Dancing at the 4th of July Block Party

Brown paper baggin' some Tall Boys at the 4th of July Block Party
...aka, I'm classy.

Live street music- The Jewmaicans (reggae band)

Sparklers time!

Why don't I light stuff on fire more often?!

Expected 4th of July fireworks photo

 Hanging out with my bees after the fireworks show

Growing up, I did not appreciate living in the Florida gulf coast at all. When I come home now though, I love the palm trees, fruit growing in my dad’s yard, the 10-minute drive to the beach, the scorching humid weather that seems to make everything sticky and wet. I have to roll the windows down in the car for the first 5 minutes I am driving anywhere because it is too stuffy to breathe! I love frolicking around in sandals and sundresses, and that I don’t have to moisturize my skin once an hour.

This is the drive home to my dad's house

 I love coming home and hanging out with my awesome family

I won’t be living here any time soon, because Florida is a cultural death trap as far as I am concerned, but I do look forward to visiting my family here over summer and winter breaks. The bar scene in southwest Florida is so different from anywhere else I have been. Most places have bars with some sort of crowd they attract (hipsters, yuppies, older people, punks, beach bums, frat boys, middle aged sports enthusiasts, etc.) but that is not how it is in Florida. Every bar has every type of person. That has its benefits for sure, but it also gets old really fast when I don’t want to deal with ignorant Southerners asking my Korean friend if she, ‘gives a good massage?’ Only Florida.

Friends since middle school. Together we have learned that friendship is 
built on mutual respect, trust, and many beers.

Hanging out with my stepmom at World of Beer in Fort Myers, Florida

 Dancing to James Brown at the dive-iest dive bar on Fort Myers Beach

 Wondering how we ended up dancing to James Brown at The Shamrock?


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