La Semana de Despedidas

Despedida means going away party. When I say ‘the week of going away parties,’ what I actually mean is the two months of going away parties, but for my reputation’s sake, let’s agree that I only partied for the week before the end of the school year.
We had to fulfill Jenny’s bucket list since she is leaving Ecuador and moving on to crazier places (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil!!) in the month of July. We spent a relaxing weekend in June in Mindo, sinking into some hammocks, jumping off waterfalls, and feasting on brownies made from local cocoa.

The entrance to our hostel in Mindo- La Estancia

Jenny, Laura, and I spent a ton of time together our last week. We cooked epic brunches, we danced ‘til the wee hours of the morning, visited some of our favorite restaurants, and laid around for Girls marathons (awesome HBO show). It was the best possible way to end a school year with a BANG!

Dancing at our favorite bar- El Aguijón

Jenny doing her thing at El Aguijón!

One last dinner at La Naranjilla Mecanica-
My favorite restaurant and art gallery in Quito

Gulping down some microbrew at Turtle’s Head Cumbaya

Went to a concert of our friend’s electronic band- La LOBA

La LOBA rocking out

Curled up in bed for a Girl’s Marathon

Grilling out on my friend’s rooftop on a beautiful Quito night

My last night in town, one of our friends booked a chiva, and I always love me a good chiva, as long as I don’t spend the next day regretting those last couple of shots of canelazo. We tend to make really good decisions on chivas and not regret them at all, such as turning the poles in the middle into stripper poles, trying to hang upside down off the rafters in the ceiling, or attempting to do the limbo while the chiva is whipping around a corner in Old Town.

I knew it was going to be a good night when I saw this advertisement in my local tienda- 
'I feel good with you- I would feel better in your bed.'
'I don't know what I would do without you- But I do know what we would do without clothes.'

I convinced my friends to eat spoonful’s of coffee grounds so they would stay awake on the chiva- 
why would anyone take my advice?!

This was our chiva for the night

Taking a 2 second break from dancing

Jumping off the chiva to do airplanes!

It amazes me that we stay standing on these things

Hanging from the ceiling of the chiva


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