McK's Traveling ESSENTIALS

I am a super packer. That is one true brag right there. The one thing I tend to mess up on is packing for cold weather because I am from Florida, but unless I am headed to a snow capped Andes volcano, I could and should be a professional packer for the reluctant nomads out there. I know exactly what to throw in the backpack, what to leave behind, what to put in your carry on and why. For now, I want to share my travel essentials. These are things that go on every backpacking trip with me, regardless of where I am headed.

To me, these items are more important than underwear.

Earplugs- Who knows where you are going to end up sleeping or who you will be sharing a room with in a hostel surrounded by 9 other backpackers. Bring these to block out the sound of snorers, the pervy dude on the plane who won't stop talking to you, or the empty disco next door that refuses to give up.

Q-Tips- Being on the road is no excuse for dirty ears. And I have allergies.

Super Glue!!!- This one gets exclamation points because super glue has saved my life in so many situations. Shoe sole falling off? Dress strap broke? Someone slashed your day pack? There are about a million and one uses for super glue while traveling.

Safety Pins- My clothes seem to die when I backpack, and safety pins help me look like I've kinda sorta got my shit together, even when I don't.

Bandaids- These are mostly in case of blisters from walking a lot, but have helped me out in some more dire situations as well.

Flashlight/Headlamp- Some sort of tiny traveling flashlight (or an app on your smartphone) or headlamp is great for buses and hostel beds. I hate being rude and turning the lights on in my hostel dorm room when there are 5 other people sleeping. Head lamp solves that issue. Plus it's nice to be able to read in bed and not have to physically hold up a flashlight while your hand cramps up.

**Not Pictured**

Neosporin- This makes me feel better about all of the gross things I encounter when backpacking.
Tiny Umbrella- I always end up buying one somewhere on the road anyways.
Sarong- This works as a towel, a blanket for the park, a cover up for the beach, or as an extra sheet if the hostel bed is filthy.


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