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I Don't Wanna Be Homeless Anymore!!

My roommate Laura and I are looking around Quito for a new apartment in a new neighborhood. For our second year here, we want to try something new! We have now been looking for 5 days and haven't found the place yet, but we are staying optimistic. Lots of possibilities and places with potential.

I think the biggest obstacle so far is the fact that most places require you to pay first month's rent AND a two month deposit up front, which is a lot of cash that I don't really have and that I won't ever see again.

Also, this is great for practicing my Spanish. Having to call over 20 landlords in one week has really built my confidence up. I am quite sick of living out of a suitcase, so wish me luck!

Scouring the local newspaper for apartments for rent

This Feminist Right Here is Angry


A Week in Chicago

After being on the road for quite some time in Florida, Israel, and NYC, I just wanted to melt into a couch and spend some quality time with my best friends from college who are now living in Chicago.
It is difficult to maintain friendships from abroad. We keep in touch using Whatsapp and a series of revolting photos we send each other while on the toilet, audio clips of the sounds of our farts, and a Facebook thread where we share our scandalous exploits with each other. I know, I'm giving away our valuable secrets for keeping long distance friendships alive. Someone should pay me for this.

Natalie, Nicole, and I in college
Nicole getting ready for bed in Chicago-
Cuddle Time!!
I am so proud of my friends Natalie and Nicole. They have an awesome house in Logan Square and they live with two other kick ass girls. They both are strong, independent females with impressive careers. I like that I want to be a better person when I am around them because they are so fun and positive and activ…

A Week in NYC

When I returned from Israel, I stayed in NYC for a week at my friend Nina's house in Williamsburg. I felt immediately in my element, just like always. Getting on the subway and exploring feels like slipping into an old routine.
Reasons why NYC will always feel like a home away from home:
Various friends always living in the city
Visiting my friend Rudy in NYC, summer of 2009
 Met up with some of my friends from Israel 
for a concert at Drom in Manhattan
I stayed with Nina this summer, one of my best friends since middle school. We are silly together.
My friend Hannah and I getting sushi in NYC, summer of 2010
Musical Theater nerd present!
Taking a dance workshop in NYC when I was 16
16 years old, with the cast of Hairspray
This summer, I went to see Potted Potter with Nina and Mike! 
Sooooooo funny. Potted Potter Website

Most international place in the US
I had to stop by the UN when I visited NYC this summer
I lived there for a year as a kid

My Dad and I playing in our backyard in Brooklyn

You can…

Israeli Soldiers on Birthright

Relationships built between Israeli soldiers and American Jews (mifgash in Hebrew) is one of the most important parts of any Birthright trip. Between 5-8 soldiers tag along each Birthright group. They are not in uniform for the most part, and it is considered a sort of cultural exchange. Some 50,000 Israeli soldiers have accompanied Birthright trips since the start of Taglit in 1999.
All of our soldiers outside of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem
 Our only female soldier, Sapir, was such a role model as both a beautiful AND badass woman!

 Our soldiers knew how to have a good time

I asked some of my Israeli soldier friends why they think soldiers go on Birthright and here is how they responded:

Response 1: Well, sending soldiers have couple of goals, but they all derive from one common idea - to socialize the participants of birth-right within the Jewish-Israeli population. To make you feel more and more connected to this part of your identity. Having soldiers with you have many…