A Week in NYC

When I returned from Israel, I stayed in NYC for a week at my friend Nina's house in Williamsburg. I felt immediately in my element, just like always. Getting on the subway and exploring feels like slipping into an old routine.

Reasons why NYC will always feel like a home away from home:

Various friends always living in the city

Visiting my friend Rudy in NYC, summer of 2009

 Met up with some of my friends from Israel 
for a concert at Drom in Manhattan

I stayed with Nina this summer, one of my best friends since middle school. We are silly together.

My friend Hannah and I getting sushi in NYC, summer of 2010

Musical Theater nerd present!

Taking a dance workshop in NYC when I was 16

16 years old, with the cast of Hairspray

This summer, I went to see Potted Potter with Nina and Mike! 
Sooooooo funny.

Most international place in the US

I had to stop by the UN when I visited NYC this summer

I lived there for a year as a kid

My Dad and I playing in our backyard in Brooklyn

You can practically feel the history in the streets

Exhibit at the Center for Jewish History 

 Teddy Roosevelt's childhood book collection in the house where he was born (yes, I sought that out and spent a whole afternoon there)

Quirky coffee shops galore

I wanted to take Atlas Cafe with me on the road

Diversity in every sense of the word- neighborhoods, restaurants, people

I went to Drom to see a free concert by Raquy and the Cavemen. 
They rocked!

Center for Jewish History

Shopping shopping shopping

I bought this dress at a boutique in Brooklyn, 
and now I never want to take it off

Feel at home on the subway

Summer of 2009

Beautiful scenery and sites

Frisbee in the park on Saturdays

I went swimming in the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn for free, which has been around since 1936, but recently reopened

Me hula-hooping in Prospect Park

The city has personality- constant events

Dancing with my friend Hannah, summer of 2010, at 
MoMA's PS1 summer concert series

Photo exhibit featuring the hip hop collective Odd Future

Best happy hour ever: free chicken wings at Lodge with a beer

Great nightlife scene

Out with some friends from Israel for a night of fun in Manhattan


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