This Feminist Right Here is Angry

I live in Quito, Ecuador, which is not a shining beacon of gender equality. Rather, it is a country in which over 200 lesbian torture clinics remained open until January of this year; where abortion is only legal in the case of a mother’s life being in jeopardy (abortion is still illegal if you are raped, mentally unstable, or if the baby is in danger). There is a 1-5 year prison sentence for women who obtain an abortion. Sexual harassment runs rampant, and women do not receive equal rights in practice.

Despite all of this, I am still disgusted with what is happening in the United States right now. Half the shit I read in the news makes me feel slimy, gross, and violated by conservative politicians. I read an article lately that sums up my feelings pretty well:

“There is something rotten in the soul of the GOP party. It seems to officially hate the poor, hate the women, hate Hispanics, hate Muslims, hate gays/lesbians, hate environmentalists, hate unions, hate teachers. Who is left unhated?”

I have visitors to the blog each week from around the world who may not be aware that women’s rights are under attack in the United States right now. Roe v. Wade is being trampled all over and Susan B. Anthony is rolling in her grave. But it’s not just women I fear for, it’s anyone who isn’t a rich, straight, white man. Those men who keep vomiting their uninformed opinions and poisoning people’s brains with falsehoods.

It’s not just that a couple douchebags have said some stupid shit this week in the news. What bothers me is that these are the country’s leaders, and they are turning these blatant lies into policy.  People around the country listen to them, vote them into power, and in return, these ‘leaders’ feel justified in passing legislation based off of their misogynistic beliefs.

I come from a family of very strong women

Pictured: 4 generations of Mongiove women
Me, my mom, my grandma, my great-grandma

Liberals make mistakes. They say incorrect things because we are all human. Look, here is Obama messing up and saying Polish death camps, instead of Nazi death camps:

The difference is, deep down, Obama knows the difference between a Nazi and a Polish person. When Republicans say only some instances of penises being forced in you against your will is ‘legitimate rape,’ or call Sandra Fluke a slut for admitting that maybe she uses birth control to NOT get pregnant rather than for other health issues, and then the politicians apologize later, their statements still represent how they truly feel. They apologize for being insensitive, but not for the sentiment behind the slipup.

Imagine if women got to make health care decisions on behalf of men, with NO MEN in the room at all. That would be crazy right? Apparently dudes are ok with that (if it is the other way around). In the following article, the Republican witnesses (all male) were all able to testify, and the Democrats tried to bring one female witness that the committee determined to be unqualified.

I was shocked to find these sorts of things all over the news when I was home. I thought we settled this shit 40 years ago? Dont we have more important things to be dealing with, rather than trying to legalize the murder of doctors who perform abortions (yes, South Dakota and Nebraska tried to do that). Isn't this just backtracking, when we could be focusing on foreign policy, a declining educational system, and all too high unemployment? Women have the same civil rights as men, they should be paid the same as a man for the same work, and they should be able to make their own health decisions for themselves. The end.


  1. (abortion is still illegal if you are raped, mentally unstable, or if the baby is in danger)......"or if the baby is in danger" ????? you are expecting to do abortion to make baby's life safe????...ha ha...that scenario can endanger mother and you mentioned, its legal in that case...

    seems like you are worried about the baby too much, so, if its already a baby, i do not see any reason to support abortion to kill that baby unless those exceptions, right?..that unborn baby can expect your little kindness and love to see the world..

    I absolutely support your concern about women's right..there is nothing to be feminist for that..its a continuous process of improvement through education and awareness...

    HATE? hey hate is everywhere...hate comes when you dont have love in your heart, selfishness, greed...hey, if you cant show little kindness, love for a baby to see the world from her mother's womb for your own selfishness, how can you expect people will be so kind??? ........

    I think, girls need to be little more girly in fact, 50% of them are just wild, crazy...not girl anymore...nothing to be proud of that either....

    everyone thinks what they believe is are not an exception.

    But yea, I totally support you for the women's equality where they are really oppressed. Thats a noble cause, but make sure your writing does not bring any hate in any lady's heart and make them unlady....cheers...and have fun....make sure you visit galapagos islands..

  2. "I think, girls need to be little more girly in fact, 50% of them are just wild, crazy...not girl anymore...nothing to be proud of that either...."

    You just totally killed any credibility you had right there.

  3. If a baby is in danger (as in very sick or at likely risk of complications) and will most likely be a stillborn, the mother still has to carry it to term. That is what I meant.

    Thank you for also reminding me that I need to be more girly. Wow! You have really opened my eyes. I'm going to start growing my hair out long and stop cursing like a sailor now. Thanks to you.

  4. @kelley, you do not have to believe me. Every weekend, in can see,50% of them are drunk, high and wasted, creaming in the street..even might be very normal to you but i will define it as wildness....

    what is making me surprised is author is very worried about the women’s rights are under attack in US.

    I dont think any of you has any idea whats going on in third world countries. I am a true witness of it. 1000 are even dying, forget about equality...When I see this cry, in the name of feminism, makes me laugh.

    Whats your contribution to save those women who are truly suffering. Whats your contribution to help them fight their suffering and bring their justice. By writing few angry words and sharing among friends or by defining some damn care women as feminist or by doing blah blah is a feminist then its a joke to them who are really dedicating their life to help and support and educate those who are really suffering!!!

    This article will contribute nothing to the women's right but bring some hates among them rather than any kind support about the issue.

    hey, its my personal opinion, you all neither have to believe nor have to concern.

    I did not say you have to grow your hair to be more girly. I have not truly noticed your hair before you just mentioned. ha ha...i did not mean that to you at way..

    hey you know what?? are a funny, beauty and cutie with a sweet smile..i can see dont have grow your are already girly, funny, silly...:)

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