My Expat Community

I am really fortunate that my coworkers and the expat community here are so open-minded, hilarious, adventurous, and generally awesome. Ecuador definitely attracts a certain sort of expat. You have to be super chill, tolerant, unmaterialistic, and open to experience to live here. It makes me wonder what my coworkers will be like when I go to other parts of the world (Asia? Europe?).

We are like a giant family here. We watch movies together and support each other and eat together and travel together. The dynamic is strange; normally your coworkers and friends are separate. Not the case here.

I work with these people all day and then I go home and party with them all night.

My friends recently had a barbecue on their rooftop terrace. Everyone brought along good eats and we had a lovely time. This roof is sometimes used for movie screenings with a projector as well!

The boys firing up the grill

Their hammock room

This makes me think of Buddha for some reason

Me with a friend at the barbecue

The whole gang

Two days ago, I went to a brunch at a friend's house for their birthday, which turned into a feast for me. I must have had four servings of candied bacon and quiche. All of my friends here are foodies and I love them for that.

Brunch spread

My friends Mary and Bekki

Did I also mention there are lots of babies around? Three of my friends had babies last year here in Ecuador. They light up every social gathering with their ridiculous cuteness.

The birthday girl and her daughter Maelle!

Such a natural with kids

The interactions between these two tots was hilarious

Momma and her baby

Look! Maelle is dancing!

Gimme that camera!!

Thank goodness for my amazing friends and support system here.


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