Robbed in Quito.... AGAIN.

Ughhhh this is the second time I have been robbed in Quito and the third time in Latin America. So far, I have lost:
  • One Blackberry
  • Two digital cameras
  • One iPod
I should just give up and sell all of my electronics and live a simple life, right?

Basically, I was at Fiestas de Guapulo this weekend (my favorite event in Quito!!) and I jumped in the giant moshpit/stampede around the fireworks contraptions. They build these monstruous wooden devices and cover them in fireworks and then run around in circles spraying flames at peoples' faces. It is so much fun.

I brought my brand new Nikon to take photos for this blog and jumped in the crowd, only to notice in the first minute that someone had opened my bag, taken the camera, and refastened the bag closed.

I stepped out to text my mom and tell her the bad news, and then decided to do one more lap in the crowd, but hold on to my bag ridiculously tight this time. When I emerged to get some hornado (pulled pork), my BlackBerry was gone too!!!


I should know better by now. These guys are pros. Some time this week I am going to visit the electronics black market where my friends bought a stolen flat screen tv and see if I can buy back my camera. Wish me luck?

Anyways, here is a video of the event, starting at 3:30 you can see the insane fireworks contraptions.


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