Black Sheep Inn

Black Sheep Inn is a pretty famous eco-lodge in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. It especially attracts people due to its close proximity to Quilotoa crater lake. We had a long weekend recently because of Guayaquil's independence day, so I went with a group of friends/coworkers to experience Black Sheep Inn.

They have a pretty awesome website, but I'm not sure it even does the lodge justice because it is so amazing in person. We hired a car to pick us up from school and drive us the three hours to the lodge which cost $20 a person. It is possible to get there via public transportation, which we did on the way home ($11 for all the different buses and taxis doing it that way).

Main building of Black Sheep Inn

Our adorable bunkhouse

Second floor of the bunkhouse

Outdoors gym at Black Sheep Inn

The main building has a cool loft with couches where you can chill and read

We arrived at night and were immediately fed a super hearty vegetarian meal. Like Secret Garden hostel near Cotopaxi, all meals are included. Breakfast was normally some sort of egg scramble with veggies, bread, muesli and fruit. Lunch was a cute brown paper bagged lunch each day with cheese/tomato sandwiches and lots of snacks. Dinner began with a big bowl of soup, something super filling and delicious as an entree (veg. shepherd's pie, eggplant parmesan, fried rice, etc.) and dessert. Everyone eats communal style around a big table.

Starter soup at dinner- great with the cold weather!

One of the entrees for dinner- vegetarian shepherd's pie

Communal breakfast in the main lodge

The hostel itself and the facilities were so great I barely wanted to leave to explore the region. We stayed in a three story tall bunkhouse, but there are private cabins as well. A bed in the bunkhouse, all means included, is $35 a night. There are composting toilets all over the grounds for people to use. Basically, there is a tank of sorts under the toilet where they create 'humanure' to use in the gardens, avoiding dirtying clean water, and putting waste to use. You wash your hands with biodegradable soap and then that flows into the garden. Each toilet had a crazy view of the valley and a built in garden, so going to the bathroom is a really pleasant experience.

One of the composting toilets.
You get used to it pretty quickly!

Around the hostel, there is a sauna, hot tub, outdoor gym, frisbee golf course, and yoga studio. And hammocks galore! I barely left the yoga studio because of its serenity, huge wooden deck, and ridiculous view of the mountains. Black Sheep Inn is now up there on my list of places to take visitors in Ecuador.

Hammocks and hostel cats in the yoga studio

My friends doing some yoga

Tarot readings in the yoga studio-
notice how bundled up they are!
It's really cold way up in the mountains.

Doing some morning stretches on the yoga studio deck


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