Life Can Be Hard in Ecuador

Sometimes I love my life here and I know exactly why I’m in this place at this moment. Other times, I kind of hate Ecuador. I have days (every once in awhile) when it feels like this country is out to get me and life is just so freaking hard. Don’t get me wrong, life was difficult in the States from time to time, but my problems felt more manageable. Case in point:

The owner of our wonderful new apartment sold it and we have to move. Laura and I are devastated, and since we are only going to be here for 8 more months, it’s not going to easy to find a place this late in the game. We will probably have to lie to our new landlord and sign a year lease. I don’t even want to think about packing up all of our stuff when we are still settling into this new house. Plus we paid a lot of money for furniture, and who knows if we will need it all in our new place. We get to pay for movers and put down a new deposit. Arrrrrrggggg.

I normally take a taxi home from dance which costs about $2.50. The drivers use a meter and depending on traffic, it ends up between 2.50-2.70. Tonight, my taxi driver immediately said “$5” when I got in the car and told him where I want to go. I said no, the most it could possibly be was $2.70. He said “$4”. I said no again, let’s use the meter (which was working perfectly). He then told me the meter was damaged even though I could see it functioning. He tried to cover the meter with his hand. I then erupted and screamed at him that he was racist and if I was an Ecuadorian woman, we would use the meter. I jumped out of the taxi at a stoplight and then got to stand in the rain for 20 minutes while I tried to find another cab in the Quito traffic.

Some days I can’t speak Spanish on the phone, and some days I can. Today I cannot. I had to talk to the new owner of our house on the phone and for some reason I could not understand one word she said. I was in a taxi and the driver was playing music and it was raining and I was only catching every other word and my brain hit a brick wall. Maybe it’s because I was reading Harry Potter 5 in Spanish all day and had just came from my dance studio for 2 hours where I spoke Spanish the whole time and maybe my brain had just had enough and shut down. Either way, I finally gave up and just hung up on her because I couldn’t even find the words to explain my frustration.

Then I got home to my gate and my guard is standing there with a note that my electricity is being cut tomorrow because there was a misunderstanding with my roommate paying the electricity this month.

 I’m going to Amsterdam and London in January, so until then I am just going to have to push through my frustrations and remember to appreciate the good things about life here. How cheap fresh fruit juice is. The view of the Andes Mountains. Getting to travel to the cloud forest on the weekends. My wonderful friends here. Cheers to that!


  1. Hi McKenzie-
    I just read this post after finding your blog on expat-blogs and I had to post: I am also having a sub-par Quito week. Similar issues (although we don't have to move, that's a bummer) and some days this little quirks like meter refusal roll of my back and some days I wont even get in a cab because I know I am going to yell at the driver.

    Oh and the electricity thing - that happened to me on Tuesday too. I walk in to my building, literally dripping wet and the guard is like 'hey that's a lot of water what unit are you?' and then gives me that horrible slip saying I have 24 hours to pay my electric bill. Afterward, I came inside and sat in front of the window and watched the view and the clouds until I calmed down. And this weekend we are traveling to the Black Sheep Inn which I looks like you and your friends liked so I've been focusing on that when things get rough.

    Hope your weekend is looking up.


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