Rural Ecuador

Around Black Sheep Inn and Quilotoa is real small-town Ecuador. A rural Ecuador I don't usually get to see living in Quito, where there are no small communities or farms. 

Transportation in the countryside- the back of a truck

A rundown hostel near Quilotoa 

Riding in the back of a truck to Black Sheep Inn
Typical rural Ecuadorian building

More riding around in the back of trucks

Black Sheep Inn is near a small town called Chugchilan that was pretty cute. We drove through it a few times. The Inn actually helps out the community through donations for the library and school. Nearby, there is also a small cheese factory you can visit and tour (for a whopping $1).

Local library in Chugchilan

Entrance to the small cheese co-op

Our tour guide giving us samples of cheese

My friend picking out what cheese he is going to buy

Mounds of cheese!

Cheese factory where the artisans were trained by Swiss cheesemakers

On our way home, we got stuck in a town called Sigchos for an hour as well, and used that Sunday morning time to sample street food. We got some llapingachos (potato dumplings stuffed with cheese) and ice cream cones before we had to catch our bus back to Quito. Rural Ecuador is cute, but I'm glad I don't live there.

Center plaza of Sigchos

I think Kim is debating if she wants to go to church in Sigchos or not


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