Ambassadors' Wives Event in Quito

One of my favorite events last year was the big convention the Ambassadors' wives held in Parque La Carolina. Each embassy had a booth with food, art, wine, and crafts from their country. I remember sampling Israeli food in particular and loving the hummus. Sadly, I did not take any photos, but fear not! The same event happened again today, but at a different venue this year.

The crowd at La Bazar de Naciones

Entrance into the food booths

Laura heading down the stairs...
ready to feast!

La Bazar de Naciones took place in an old military hospital turned event center (I previously blogged about an artisan market that happened there). As much as I love the building, it was not well suited for a huge food convention like this. Because of the limited courtyard and patio space, there were not nearly as many food booths as last year. I still managed to eat food from about 4 different countries.

Me eating some coca ice cream from the Bolivia stand

Egyptian roasted eggplant dish

I spent the whole afternoon in the courtyard sampling foods on the patio and never even really made it inside to see the art from each country. I can google art at home, whereas eating authentic Belgian waffles is a rarity here in Quito.

Bolivia's booth- coca ice cream

Belgium's waffle station

Mmmm waffles get in my belly

Mexican bread pudding dish and Belgian waffles

We ate food from Mexico, Egypt, Belgium, and Russia. Iran, Germany, Nicaragua, and a few others had booths as well. The line for a bratwurst wrapped around the courtyard! 30 minutes waiting for a sausage is not worth it to me. Russia isn't really known for it's delicious cuisine, but they drew in people with free vodka shots and pickles. Mmmm.

Free Russian vodka and pickles and lard!

Egyptian shawarma firing up

Yeah shawarma!

The only way to eat a Belgian waffle...
Shove it in your face.


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